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Reading Lab









Reading Lab will be broken into three sections. 

*Two days a week the students will work on Nonfiction reading skills and concepts using 1 page informational articles that emphasize reading for meaning and vocaublary.  We will also take time to investigate how to reading their text books to organize information for retention.

*Two days a week the students will work on Fictional reading skills and concepts using short novels.  They will keep a plot diagram and develop questions over their reading using Bloom’s Taxonomy of questions for understanding.

*One day a week we will investigate new vocabulary through group activities.

Nonfiction Skills through short articles and comprehension strategies.

  1. Fictional Skills through short novel studies.
  2. Vocabulary Enrichment through the use of

Drawing Inferences Strategies/Reading for Meaning

Lexia Reading

Lexia Reading is an online reading program to help students close the gaps in their sight reading skills to become fluent readers. Please contact me at if you would like me to send you login information.

INFER Strategy and other KU Strategies Used


RAP +P(Picture It-Visual Imagery Strategy) Reading Comprehension









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