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About Kay Armstrong

coolHello Goddard Middle School Parents and Students!

This is my sixth year working at GMS. I have enjoyed working with great people. I have learned a lot and continue to learn something almost everyday. I have met and have become friends with some great people. I must say that this school is a very close knit group, it's just like having an extended family. Parents, I must tell you if you do not realize it, your students are in great hands.

I am married to a great guy, Andrew Armstrong, which is the reason I am now living in Kansas. I grew up in Parsons, Kansas, but the majority of my life was spent in Sedalia, Missouri.

We have had a very busy summer, starting with a 2 week traveling in our travel trailer. We started out at Scott City State Park it was beautiful. We then traveled on to Colorado Springs, where my stepchildren joined us. My husband and the stepchildren rode their motorcycles up Pikes Peak, I took the train, LOL Then from there we went to a little town called LaVeta, the scenery was beautiufl and the deers roamed the town. So after our 11 day vacation, we heading back home and tried to catch up on things at home. Our next adventure involved our grandchildren, my oldest daughter and son-in-law brought the grandkids to meet us at Eisenhower State Park, close to Ottawa, Ks where we spent a few days camping, swimming, fishing and playing frisbee disc golf. After that they came back to Wichita for a few days. Our last adventure before I came back to work was flying out to Panama City Beach to visit my brother. My son flew out with us and it was his first flight which he really enjoyed. We had a great time with family, enjoying the beach, and lots of seafood.

Now about my family: I have three wonderful children. My oldest is Kristal Smith who is married to Nick Smith and has three beautiful children: Masun, Abbey, and Harly. My son Travis Clark is the middle child, he works for a printing company and is site manager for it. .  My youngest daughter, Taylor Clark is working as a nanny and loves it. She recently got engaged to Derek Rew. So we have begun the wedding planning which will happen next June.   My  hubby has two great children, Samantha(lives in Kansas City and Justin Strickland, and a great daughter-in-law Allison Strickland(who lives in Wichita).

I had been working at Smith-Cotton Junior High, a 7-9 junior high school in the district of Sedalia. 'm looking forward to another great year and meeting some wonderful students. It's always nice to see their smiling faces.

My husband works for Bombardier  in Wichita. He is a veteran from the Navy. He loves to ride his motorcycles, yes he has 2. He recently purchased us a side by side which I love to drive around the country roads.

My hobbies are crocheting and scrapbooking. Of course, I am on the back of that bike anytime I get a chance. We now have 2 puppies, CeCe and Chumlee, they keep us smiling everyday. We have yet to get Chumlee on the motorcycle, but CeCe likes to ride.

I look forward to helping make this a great school year!

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