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Site Council Members

Goddard Middle School

Site Council


Rachel Inskeep                                   8th Grade Parent

Michael Koonce                                 8th Grade Parent

Craig Bay                                            8th Grade Parent

Melisa Nugent                                    7th Grade Parent

Bailey Carter                                      7th Grade Parent

Christie Ramsey                                 8th Grade Parent

Rachael Wyeth                                   7th Grade Parent

Nicole Fyfe                                         8th Grade Parent

Monica Gross                                     8th Grade Parent

Paul Guerrero                                     8th Grade Parent

Todd Roberts                                      7th Grade Parent

Kim Enos                                            7th Grade Parent

Marcie Holsteen                                 8th Grade Parent

Jenny Simmons                                  BOE Representative

Lisa Hogarth                                        Principal

Alyson Porter                                      Certified Representative

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Contact Information

Goddard Middle School
2700 S. 199th Street W.
P.O. Box 279
Goddard, Kansas 67052

School Hours: 7:35 AM-2:51 PM
Office Hours: 7:15 AM-3:45 PM

Phone: 316-794-4230
Fax: 316-794-4254

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