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Math Relays

Math Relays is a Pioneer League competition. The competition is held in March. Students compete against other league schools by completing a variety of written tests in math computation and story problems, both with and without the use of a calculator.

The relays shall consist of two tests. Each test will be 45 minutes in length. The first test will cover math computation and the second test will cover problem solving. Students may use calculators on the problem solving test. Each test will contain at least 80 problems of varying difficulty.

Each school may send 5 students from each grade.  All five students' scores will count towards the team place earned in the competition.

Contact Information

Goddard Middle School
2700 S. 199th Street W.
P.O. Box 279
Goddard, Kansas 67052

School Hours: 7:35 AM-2:51 PM
Office Hours: 7:15 AM-3:45 PM

Phone: 316-794-4230
Fax: 316-794-4254

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