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Daily Schedule

Disclaimer:  The daily schedule is fluid, therefore a general order of projects and tasks is listed.

Order in which things are planned to be completed:

  1. Syllabus 
  2. Safety Rules and Expectations
  3. Team Project #1:  
    1. Toothpick Bridges
    2. Done in groups of 3-4
  4. Individual Project #1:
    1. Stacking Initials
    2. Hand Draft Letter (Big and Small)
    3. Use Scroll Saw to cut out letters
  5. Team Project #2: TBD
  6. Individual Project #2:
    1. Using Scroll Saw
    2. Students choice of image (to be approved by instructor)
    3. Student choice for method of mounting
  7. Special Project #1:
    1. Students will create items for others using scroll saws
    2. Specifics are only presented to the students
  8. Team Project #3: TBD

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