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Science Course Overview

GMS 8th Grade Science

My Program Philosophy-I would like to welcome parents and students to this year’s science course! I believe that science is an interesting and exciting topic! My primary goal as an educator is to improve each student’s understanding of self, others, and the world around them. I believe that a strong foundation in scientific knowledge and the skills associated with science are necessary to meet this goal.


My focus is to create a classroom environment that will help each student-

  • Gain a strong understanding of key scientific principles and topics
  • Make connections between science, mathematics, and language arts
  • Improve their science vocabulary
  • See science as worthwhile, meaningful, and relevant to everyday life
  • Develop thinking skills and the ability to challenge assumptions, think creatively, and problem solve


Course Curriculum- The course will be divided up into 11 modules (units) of various lengths. The name and order that these modules will be covered are as follows

  • Safety Procedures/Rules
  • Introduction to Science
  • Measurement Skills
  • Force and Motion
  • Chemistry Basics
  • Chemistry of living things
  • DNA/Genetics/Heredity
  • Waves
  • Astronomy
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Human Impact on Earth’s Systems


My Faculty Website- Please use my classroom website to access information on weekly assignments, activities, and quizzes. You will also find my contact information and my meeting availability on the website.


Technology- Students will be using a digital learning platform known as Google Classroom. Google Classroom will be commonly referred to in my class as GC. Students will be assigned learning activities through GC. They will submit work and take quizzes, as well as receive feedback on completed work, graded quizzes, or work in progress from GC. Students will also have access to lecture presentations, educational videos, and a variety of online learning resources with GC. Parent/Guardian access to GC will be provided by using their child’s school assigned google username and password.


Grading Policy- Quarterly Letter Grades will be determined by the GMS grading scale and based on this formula-


A rough estimate of quarterly (nine week) activities and their associated point values are as described in the following table. Activity frequency and point value may be adjusted based on class progress and module of study. Not all activities will be graded on accuracy criteria. I reserve the right to award points on other criteria such as completion and participation. I also reserve the right to add additional graded activities throughout the year-



Approximate Point Value


Approximate Point Value per QTR

Quizzes (QUIZ)

10-15 pts

1 per week

135 pts

Assignments (WA)

Homework (HWK)

10 pts

1 per week

90 pts

Notebook (LAB)

25 pts

1-2 per QTR

50 pts

Projects (PROJ)

Lab Work (LAB)

25 pts

2 per QTR

50 pts

Bell Work(DCW)



5 pts

1 per week

45 pts

Estimated  Points Available Per QTR=

370 pts


Keys to Success-

  • Come Prepared!
  • Always ask questions; there is no need to sit and wonder??????????
  • Write down all due dates in your agenda and turn work in on time!
  • Have fun and participate in class!!!

Behavior Expectations(In addition to school wide expectations)-

  1. Respect self, others, and property
  2. Do what is right
  3. Do your best
  4. Be responsible

                       GO LIONS!!!!!!!


Contact Corey Flax

School Phone:
794-4230 ext-42211
Conference Time:
Before/After School/During Plan Period 8:11-8:59am