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Brandon Lamarche

Welcome to Mr. Lamarche’s Site!

Please using the following pages on the left to find what you need to be successful in science. Check back often because I will continuing to make newer things available. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. You can come in after school to get help or during Pride Time. Parents, if you need to contact me please call the school or email me at A copy of my syllabus can be found below. I look forward to a fun year!


-- Mr. Lamarche

Class Syllabus:

Class Room Policies:____________________________________________________________________

  • All School rules apply in my classroom
  • Students will bring paper, a pencil or pen, their textbook, and other materials to class each day
  • Please do not bring red pens, gel pens, or markers (we use those for grading)
  • Assignments are to be done in pencil, blue ink, or black ink. Assignments done in any other color will be returned to the student to do over in the appropriate color and will receive late credit
  • There will be no talking during tests. If a student talks during the test, the test will be turned in immediately and ½ credit given for the points earned
  • Even if the student is done with their test, the ½ credit rule still applies
  • Students will always clean up and put away materials on their own
  • Students will stay organized using either a binder or folder to fit all of their work


  • Students will always include their name, hour, and date on their papers. A “no-name” paper will receive 70% credit when turned in
  • Students will put their assignment in the designated tray before class and during class work time
  • Assignments are due at the beginning of class. Assignments turned in the day after and up to one week of the assigned date will receive 70% credit. Any assignment after that will receive 50% credit
  • Students who turn in assignments due to being late or absent, must fill out a late/absent slip designating the reason for turning in the assignment passed the due date. If a student fails to attach the late/absent slip to their paper, they will receive 50% credit on the assignment
  • Late/ Absent slips and all assignments can be found in the crate in the back of the room


  • It is the Student’s responsibility to collect any missed assignments due to an absence
  • Work due the day of the absence is due within 24 hours of the student returning
  • If the student is only absent for part of the day (examples: dentist appointment, field trip, rehearsal, etc.) and misses my class, the assignment of that day will need to be picked up during the day and will still be due on the designated assignment date
  • For extended absences, make-up work may be pick up in the office
  • All absent work must have an attached to it designating it as absent


  • A student is tardy when he/ or she arrives after class begins, is not in their seat when the bell rings, or fails to bring in the necessary materials need for the class.

(see school tardy policy for more)



  • If a textbook is assigned, the student is responsible for the condition of the book
  • Papers may not be stuff between the pages as it will put stress on the binding


  • Information and handouts for this class can be found on my website at

  • I have also put useful study information on my website to help students study for test and State Assessments

Food and Drink:________________________________________________________________________

  • Food and drink is not allowed at any time in my classroom
  • Water bottles are allowed but not during labs. All water bottles must be clear as well


  • Students will raise their hands to be called on to answer a question or to participate in class discussions
  • Students will demonstrate respect for each other and for the materials and equipment in the classroom
  • Students will not use profane or inappropriate langue or they will face the consequences
  • Students will follow the social contract created by the teacher and students of the class

Substitute Teacher:_____________________________________________________________________

  • Students will sit in their assigned seats as usual
  • Students will treat the sub with the greatest amount of respect
  • Any student whose name is written down by the sub for a negative reason will automatically be given a detention for their actions towards the class or sub

Additional Materials:___________________________________________________________________

  • 8th grade students will need to purchase a set of spiral bound index cards (3x5)
  • These can be purchased at Walmart, target, any office supply store, and
  • Please make sure that they are 3x5!
  • 7th grade students will not need this item for class, only 8th grade students

Brandon Lamarche

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