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Choir Dates and Concert Dress


Thursday, September 7th                           Fundraiser Kick Off

Tuesday, September 26th                           Fundraiser Ends

Monday, October 16th @ 7pm                    Fall Concert                  GHS Auditorium         

Saturday, November 11th times TBA        PLHC                            Haysville West Middle School

Tuesday, December 5th  @ 7pm                Winter Concert             GMS Gym

Wednesday, March 7th  times TBA            Large Fest Contest      Eisenhower Middle School

Tuesday, March 13rd @ 7pm                      Spring Concert             GHS Auditorium

Saturday, May 5th times TBA                     Worlds of Fun             Kansas City

Thursday, May 10th @ 7pm                        Pops Concert               GMS Commons Area



Each member of the choral department at GMS will be issued a polo shirt, which can also be purchased instead of loaned.  The polo shirt will be worn at the Holiday Concert and at ALL vocal contests.  Students are responsible for keeping the shirts clean and taken care of.  Shirts must be returned, if not purchased, after the vocal contest in the Spring.  If the shirt is ruined or not returned, there will be a $25 replacement fee. 

GMS Choir T-Shirt – Each member of the choral department will need to purchase a choir department t-shirt at the beginning of the year that will be worn at some concerts, the final pops concert at the end of the year, and any time we are doing a choir activity outside of school. 

Girls:  Black skirt, black pants or black jeans.  If wearing a skirt, it must be at least 2 inches below the knee.  No sweat pants, athletic pants, or leggings.

Boys:  Black pants or black jeans.  No sweat pants or athletic pants.

Shoes:  Please wear close toed black dress shoes or black sneakers.  Shoes can also be gray, brown, or blue.

*Please allow plenty of time to find these clothing items as some stores will be sold out at the last minute.  If you need help finding these items or need financial assistance in getting these items, please contact me.


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