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          Within the first couple of weeks, the students and I will get to know each other through a Tie Tell activity, discuss and distribute individual AR Reading Goals, hear several Book Talks from our Librarian, Mrs.Mellen, and check out books!  

          The results of last spring’s STAR screener, along with their past scores and goals, and the students’ input through a discussion with me will determine each student’s individual AR reading goal.  The students will read their AR book on a daily basis in class and it is also part of each student’s grade to read a minimum of 15 minutes every night at home.  One of the best ways to become a better reader is to READ

            Following these initial activities, we will be honing our vocabulary skills.  We will create flash cards and engage in various activities to help us study word parts, and we will work on various assignments that focus on context clues and word origins.  Research shows that the best way to improve one’s vocabulary is to READ!!

            Throughout the semester we will learn new reading strategies that will help sharpen developing skills, and we will apply various reading techniques to all forms of printed material. Reading is a school-wide strategy, so the more experience our students have with reading, the more success they will experience in all of their classes.  Reading is a necessity throughout life and one of the goals of the Reading class is to improve and fine-tune this lifelong skill.

            Feel free to contact me through an e-mail or with a phone call during my plan time if you have any questions.

Plan Time: 1:11 – 1:59

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