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Deanna Ferris

Welcome to Social Work Support Services 

My role is to help students maxamize their academic learning and educational outcomes, as well as to enhance the personal, social, and emotional components of their lives. This is done through providing individual and group counseling, as well as providing support and resources to parents and teachers.  Most often students are being assessed for or already receiving other special education services. 

Areas addressed include but are not limited to: identifying/processing feelings, anger/stress management, grief and loss, social skills, self-esteem, dealing with divorce, drug/alcohol addiction, peer relationships, crisis intervention, personal safety, strengths development, and vision planning. 

Students may be referred for social work services by teachers and/or the school counselor with parent support. Services are usually provided on a weekly basis long term; however, time limited support/interventions are available when applicable.  In addition, I assist students in crisis that may not be on my caseload.  I also often host school wide lunch bunch for all students. It is a time to play games, enjoy popcorn and mingle with friends while eating lunch.   

  I greatly enjoy working with kids and love seeing them discover their strengths and begin to fulfull their potential.  Every child is a gift and their value is beyond measure. I look forward to working with your children.    


Deanna Ferris

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