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Reading Lesson Plans

Mrs. Michael's Lesson Plans

Sustained Silent Reading

It is important to practice reading for enjoyment. Reading selections can include a magazine article, comic book, newspaper, internet blog/article, cookbook, novel, etc. Studies support that students who engage in sustained silent reading for 15-20 minutes regularly will experience increased vocabulary, better attitude and improved habits toward reading and fluency. 

yesThe journals may be paper/pencil or digital. If students choose a digital format, they should use a flashdrive to save to turn in at the end of the week or submit it through google drive to

Reading Strategies and Tools

Students will learn several strategies to improve and challenge them to read materials deeper through using decoding skills, reading fluency, and comprehension.

*CLOSE Reading

*Paraphrasing/Comprehension Strategy: RAPP

*Word Identification Strategy: DISSECT

*Engaged Learning Posture: SLANT

*Visual Imagery:LINCS

*Inferencing/Comprehension Strategy: INFER

Nonfiction Stories were supplied from the following website:

pdfLesson Plans May 7th through May 11th, 2018 pdfReading Lesson Plans April 30th through May 5th pdfApril 23rd through 27th Lessons pdfLesson Plans April 16 through April 20th pdfEXCEL April 9th through April 13th Lessons pdfApril 3rd through 6th Lessons pdfMarch 26th through 29th, 2018 pdfMarch 12 through 17th, 2018 pdfEXCEL Lessons: February 12th and February 16th, 2018 pdfJanuary 1st through January 5th , 2018 pdfJanuary 15th through January 19th 2018 Lessons pdfJanuary 22nd through January 26th pdfJanuary 29th through February 2nd, 2018 pdfFebruary 6th through February 9th Lesson Plans pdfFebruary 12th through February 16th pdfDecember 11th through 15th pdfLesson December 4th through December 8th pdfNovember 27th through December 1st Lesson Plans pdfNovember 13th through 17th Lesson Plans pdfNovember 6th through November 10th Lessons pdfOctober 29th through November 3rd Lesson Plans pdfOctober 9th through 13th Lessons pdfOctober 2nd through 6th Lessons pdfSeptember 25th through 29th Lesson Plans pdfSeptember 18th through 22nd pdfSeptember 10th through 14th Lessons pdfFake News PPT pdfSeptember 5th through 8th 2017 Lesson Plans pdfAugust 28th through September 1st pdfAugust 21st through August 25th 2017 pdf2017-2018 Syllabus pdfMay 1st through May 5th Lesson Plans pdfApril 24th through April 28th Lesson Plans pdfApril 18th through April 21st Lesson Plans pdfLesson Plans 4/10 through 4/13 pdfLesson Plans 4/3 to 4/7 of 2017 pdfMarch 27 through March 31st Lesson Plans pdfMarch 13th through March 17 Lesson Plans pdfLesson Plans 3/13 to 3/17 pdfLesson Plans 2/7 to 2/10/17 pdfJanuary 30th through February 3rd Lesson Plans pdfAssignment Board 23rd through 27th pdfJanuary 23rd through 27th Lesson Plans pdfJanuary 17 through 20th Lesson Plans pdf1/9/17 Board Notes Genre and Sugenre pdfLesson Plans 1/9/17 to 1/13/17 pdfLINCS sheets you can PRINT pdfWord Parts starting 1/17/17 pdfSyllabus January 4th through May 19th, 2017 pdfOn the Board Dates to Remember January 4th through January 6th, 2017 pdfJanuary 4th through January 6th, 2017 pdfLINCS Sheets pdfAccelerate Reading Journal Expectations pdfClose Reading Information

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