GMS Jazz Ensemble

GMS Jazz Band Requirements 2017-2018:

General Information:

Rehearsals are on Monday and Thursday 8th grade jazz mornings from 6:45am till 7:30am.  7th Grade Jazz will rehearse on Tuesday and Wednesdays at 6:45am Rehearsals will begin the first week in November.  We will rehearse all the way through January and February.   Sectionals will be called on as needed basis and will be likely after school until the 3:30 bus comes

Attendance at rehearsals is critical to the integrity of the ensemble, as well as being on time to rehearsals.  Students must be on time or early to rehearsals!!!  Students participating in jazz band must have transportation to school early in the morning otherwise they cannot participate.  Students who have 3 unexcused absences from rehearsals can be removed from the band and have their place filled by an alternate. 

Performance schedule:

Monday February 4 7:00pm after GMS pops concert

Friday February 19th at the Friends University Jazz festival

Tuesday March 7th,    Goddard Jazz Night With Guest Artist Patrick Hession